The Department of Materials Engineering (DEMa), created in 1972 is the first engineering department of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), and the pioneer in materials engineering in Brazil. DEMa stands out for its emphasis on the three academic areas of Materials Science and Engineering, ​​Metals, Ceramics and Polymers. Its interdisciplinary characteristic is evidenced by its performance in theoretical and experimental fields, teaching, internships, and interaction with industries, participation in research support agencies, representative entities and in national and international congresses. DEMa is the academic department responsible for offering disciplines in the materials area to all undergraduate courses in Engineering and to the stricto sensu Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering at UFSCar.

DEMa is composed of 46 associate and full Professors and 4 lecture instructors, in addition to 25 technical-administrative professionals. The faculty are composed of experienced researchers recognized internationally through numerous national and international awards, in addition to occupying prominent positions in research development agencies, boards of public foundations and companies and chairs in science academies in Brazil and abroad. The quality of the research carried out by professors and their students is evidenced by the thousands of original articles published in scientific journals and several patents (i.e., original inventions worldwide with solid potential for practical application).

The Department has a physical structure of 8,200 m2 comprising several research laboratories, highlighting the Center for Characterization and Development of Materials (CCDM), the Materials Technology Information Center (NIT), the Structural Characterization Laboratory (LCE) - the largest center for electron microscopy in Latin America - as well as other Centers of Excellence in Research and Development of Materials. From this structure, 5,400 m2 are spread over seven buildings, where the laboratories of ceramics, metals and polymers, the Materials Characterization and Development Center (CCDM), the Structural Characterization Laboratory (LCE), the Refractory Materials Laboratory (ALCOA) and the Laboratory of Vitreous Materials (LaMaV) are located. The structure is also consisted of offices, seminar rooms, circulation areas and the academic materials center.