UFSCar's operation is stratified, and the overall organizational chart is available here. Briefly, the Higher Collegiate Bodies are the seven Dean Offices - namely: Undergraduate (ProGrad), Graduate (ProPG), Research (ProPq), Extension (ProEx), Human Resources (ProGPe), Community and Student Affairs (ProACE), and Administration (ProAD) - all subordinated to the Rector’s Office and each with its own Council. The Rector's Office, below the Main Office and the highest deliberative collegiate body, the University Council (ConsUni), has ascendancy over eight Centers - among them the Center for Hard Sciences and Technology (CCET) - which represent the Sectorial Collegiate Bodies, each with its own Council. Directly subordinated to CCET are the Constitutive Collegiate Organs, which include, in hierarchical equity, the Departmental Councils, including that from the Department of Materials Engineering (DEMa); the Graduate Program Committees, including that of the Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PPGCEM); and the Undergraduate Program Coordinating Councils, including that of Materials Engineering (EMa). Internally, DEMa is divided into the Ceramics (AMC), Metals (AMM), and Polymers (AMP) Divisions, each with its own independent coordination.

Current Administrative Structure

  • Head: Prof. Conrado Ramos Moreira Afonso
  • Deputy Head: Prof. Tomaz Toshimi Ishikawa
  • Secretariat: André Luiz Catoia e Henrique Moreira Pinto
  • E-mail address: 

Current Departmental Council (CoD)

  • DEMa’s Head: Prof. Conrado Ramos Moreira Afonso
  • DEMa’s Deputy Head: Prof. Tomaz Toshimi Ishikawa
  • AMC Coordination: Prof. Marco Aurélio Liutheviciene Cordeiro
  • AMC Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Marcello Rubens Barsi Andreeta
  • AMM Coordinator: Prof. Guilherme Koga
  • AMM Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Francisco Gil Coury
  • AMP Coordinator: Prof. Juliano Marini 
  • AMP Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Lidiane Cristina Costa
  • Faculty Representative: Prof. Claudemiro Bolfarini
  • Alternate Faculty Representative: 
  • Staff Representative: Diego Davi Coimbrão
  • Alternate Staff Representative: Osvaldo Francisco de Souza Junior 
  • Student Representative: Juliana Costa Hernandes Peres
  • Alternate Student Representative: Ana Júlia Possato Minorello da Silva