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Based on history of the Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia (CCET), which comprises hundreds of projects executed by UFSCar in partnership with companies and an expressive history of Research, Development and Innovation in this area, the EMBRAPII – CCET – UFSCar unit focused in Advanced Materials was created with the objective of raising funds in extension projects by CCET researchers during 2012-2014 triennium. In this period, a total of R$ 169 million representing around 30% of UFSCar's funding in extension projects was raised. 

One of the bases for such important result is the technical staff composed of excellent researchers and the training of highly qualified professionals in the area. Besides, the Materials Engineering course at UFSCar that was the first in Latin America and its researchers work in research in this and other areas of knowledge such as Chemistry, Physics and Chemical Engineering, with an impact on innovation in national and international industry.

The results are illustrated in the CAPES ranking index, where the Graduate Programs in Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical and Chemical Engineering are all top level (7) within this ranking. In addition, within the area of ​​advanced materials, the CCET-UFSCar is also the headquarters of two large research centers financed by founding agencies in the State of São Paulo: the Center for the Development of Functional Materials, CDMF, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Elson Longo, and the Center for Research, Teaching, and Innovation in Glass, CEPIV, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Edgar Zanotto. It is important to emphasize that both CEPIDS (CDMF and CEPIV) are aligned with this EMBRAPII unit. Thus, UFSCar established an adequate infrastructure for the characterization and development of new materials. The institution also has the Center for Characterization and Development of Materials (CCDM), located in the Department of Materials Engineering (DEMa), which has a strong tradition in interaction and Innovation projects with companies.

For more information, access: https://www.embrapii.ufscar.br