Materiais Júnior

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A Materiais Júnior is the UFSCar’s Materials Engineering Junior Company, a non-profit civil association formed and managed exclusively by undergraduate students. Materiais Júnior offers high-quality projects and services to the market, enabling the synergy of providing practical expertise to the students and forming qualified professionals committed to the purpose of transforming Brazil as a nation.

On the day-to-day routine, the enrolled students learn about management, specialize in their areas, and contact directly the market. Through this business experience, they acquire fundamental competencies for entrepreneurs.

Materiais Júnior was established in 1999 and is structured as a company, with its own Employer Number/Corporate Tax Code, Executive Board, Statute, and Bylaws. Materiais Júnior is supported by UFSCar and oriented/supervised by faculties of the DEMa/UFSCar as well as specialized professionals that give technical support in the labs, enabling lower prices than those typically found in the market.

Additionally, Materiais Júnior carries out projects and consulting services in materials engineering, such as research and screening of new materials, process optimization, and product improvement and development. The services cover all the processing, structure, and properties of several metallic, polymeric, and ceramic materials.

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