The Materials Engineering Academic Center (CAMa) represents the students of the Materials Engineering Undergraduate Program (EMa) before DEMa. CAMa’s activities range from facilitating the communication between the students and the EMa Coordination; promoting debates, visits to labs, lectures, sport events (such as the DEMa Cup and Inter Years); selling products of EMa (sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs etc.); and hosting integrative events like the Materials Barbecue, among students at different stages and even alumni.

Engaging in CAMa provides EMa students the opportunity of developing different skills that are useful throughout the personal, academic, and professional development. No screening process is needed to become a member of CAMa - you just need to reach out to one of the members and be available to attend the meetings.

You are invited to out social media to know more about CAMa’s activities and to stay tuned with UFSCar's Materials Engineering Undergraduate Program:

Instagram: @cama_ufscar (external link)
Facebook: (external link)