X-ray Diffractometer - Siemens D5005


Manufacturer and model: Siemens D5005

Description: The Siemens D5005 X-ray diffractometer is a θ-2θ type system configured in Bragg-Brentano geometry. The X-ray source is a copper tube with a characteristic emission line of 1.54 Å / 8.047 keV (Cu-Kα1) and operates at a power of 1.6 kW (40 kV x 40 mA). This diffractometer has a curved graphite monochromator and scintillator type detector (SC). It is possible to perform powder diffraction and diffraction of bulk samples.

Acquisition funding: CAPES

Location: Structural Characterization Laboratory – LCE

Booking contact: http://www.lce-dema.ufscar.br