Hydrogen Storage in Metallic Materials


  • Guilherme Zepon
  • Daniel Rodrigo Leiva


  • Alberto Moreira Jorge Junior
  • Tomaz Toshimi Ishikawa
  • Walter José Botta Filho

Hydrogen is considered the ideal energy vector to leverage the implementation of renewable sources and energy systems with low environmental impact. This is due to its characteristics such as high calorificn power, possible application in fuel cells, and the possibility of being obtained from renewable sources, with water being the only by-product of its use. In recent years, scientific and technological advances have been achieved to make the so-called 'hydrogen energy' feasible, however, further advances in the generation, transport and storage of H2 are especially needed. Our research group is dedicated to the development of materials for solid-state hydrogen storage through metal or complex hydrides. Our researchers work in the synthesis, processing and characterization of these materials. In addition, they are also dedicated to the development of new compositions of metallic alloys with optimized properties for various applications that demand H2 storage.