Materials Microstructure Engineering Group/GEMM


  • Victor Carlos Pandolfelli


  • Caio Gomide Otoni
  • Dereck Nills Ferreira Muche
  • Rodolfo Foster Klein Gunnewiek
  • Victor Carlos Pandolfelli

The group's main objective in the research area is the design of refractory ceramics microstructures and the evaluation of these materials. The following lines of research stand out: application of residues from the aluminum industry in other industrial sectors; porous ceramics and ceramic filters for the purification of metals and use as thermal insulators; development of advanced refractory castables; evaluation and development of advanced binders for refractories; optimization of the drying process of refractory castables; mechanical and thermomechanical properties and simulations of ceramic materials; and smart coatings or smart coatings.